Types of Football Bets

Here, we’ll talk about some of the different types of bets that can be placed on Football and American football.

Straight Bets:

The team that is bet on has to win the game by the point spread available at the time the bet was placed. Keep in mind that occasionally, the point spread fluctuates due to changing events or bettor behavior. There are actually several factors that can play a role in this.

Totals (also known as Over/Under bets):

Bettors can bet on a combined score of both teams. This is offered as an over / under bet meaning if the score goes over this you win or vice versa, if the score goes under this you win.

Money Line Wagers:

With this type of bet, the team that is bet on simply has to win the game. There is no point spread taken into effect. The winner will simply win the return on their money but depending upon who is favored the house will usually take some play on the action. Remember, the house always wants to make money.


This is a combo / multi selection bet of two or more teams / game selections. All selections chosen must win, or the entire parlay bet is lost. These bets can really produce some large winnings because you are basically rolling over your bet game after game. If you hit a 7 or 8 team parlay you will likely win a lot of money no matter what you bet.


A teaser is a bet on two or more teams where the point spread is adjusted in your favor. Odds are determined based on the number of teams selected and the # of points chosen.

Future Book Wagers

This type of bet is simply a bet that is placed on an event that is scheduled to occur in the future. Usually, odds are better the further out the event’s or game’s date is. One popular type of future wager is an under / over bet for the total number of wins for a given team across an entire season or betting on one particular team to win the “Big Game” before their season even starts.

Side / Proposition Bets

This is kind of a catch all. Basically, proposition bets are considered any type of bet other than a straight “side” or “over/under” bet. Examples of propositions bets include:

* Which team will be the first to score.

* Which team will be the last to score.

* Which team will be ahead by halftime

* What the last score of the first half will be: field goal? etc…

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