The Game Continues

Many young addicted football players will have their hearts broken while trying to break their way into the game during college. There are far too few coveted openings for far too many players. They all want to be the first chosen to start for their preferred college or university but that ends up happening far less often than you might think. You see, many people have higher expectations than are realistic for their situation. This hard lesson does not mean that they do not have the chance to continue improving their football prowess and potentially become a starter if they take one of the less glorified positions they may be offered.

This is not always the easiest thing to do because some of these young men have been the star of their high school, the star of their town, or even the star of their state. They have always been head and shoulders above their competition. Some of them have been all stars at that lower level due to lack of competition. These schools are well aware of these issues and they know that the player needs only to be weathered a bit. They may need additional training and time. Maybe they have only to learn a few more valuable skills before they can make the leap to the starting position in their preferred spot. These players have already spent a lifetime attempting to fine tune their skills and accept that this will be needed further to continue their path.

During these college years we find out a lot about what these men are made of. They face challenge after challenge both on and off the field. The cream will rise to the surface and the best of the best will be identified then tried over and over again. They will be forged in the fire of the game. They will become what they need to be to move on to the next level. The will learn the skills needed to turn their hobby into a profession. Many more will fall by the weigh side during these years as it should be because, as with so many things in life, the further you progress in something the more difficult it can become. These young men must become something that many of the rest of us can not even fathom. The peak level of performance they must achieve while they play the game is unbelievable.

Once a man has become a professional in the National Football League he becomes one of the highest paid professional athletes in the in entire world. Regardless of the team. Many athletes perform their entire career and never get paid the amount an NFL player can make in a single game. Can you imagine how addictive any singular part of this experience could be? What about how hard it would be to let go of? Addictive? You can say that again!