The Game

For many people it starts when they are very young. They are usually born into a specific set of circumstances that will surely guide them along the way. Their entire path is already laid out for them before they can make a single plan for themselves. As children they are normally introduced to it when they can barely even understand what exactly it is that they are witnessing. Many are schooled on the topic. They are literally taught the ins and the outs, They are regularly indoctrinated at such an early age that they have little to no chance of ever escaping from it. In some places you are much more likely to fall in to this situation but it is a risk wherever you may be. What are we talking about? The game of football of course!
Many know it can be the most addictive thing that there is in life to some people. If you stop to really think about it that makes perfect sense. What can come along with being the best? Many that play the sport find that they get: Fame, Fortune, Followers, Money, Power and Pretty much whatever else they are looking for. They can write their own ticket from that point forward. They are pretty much the luckiest of us because they get to do something they love for a living. After that many of them continue on as personalities related to the industry and invest their money in such a fashion they likely will never have to work again after retirement.
When you are young in certain parts of the country you are raised into the life of football. It is expected of you as a young man to play it. Many people only get the chance to play for a very short period of time. Most people that want to play can get the chance through high school. Many of those that stick with it and try hard will even find their way to the varsity team at some point or other during high school, some however will not. While you are in high school it can be the most important thing to you. It is quite intoxicating. That is such an early age to be admired and watched by crowds of people. The young men that are involved literally start to become addicted to the game in a way. Many make it their life. The admiration and additional benefits of the game drive them to become faster, stronger and smarter in their game play. Of these young people from around the country many will eventually find their way to a college field. They will find a team that their skillset will work with either for starting, backing up the starters or practicing with the starters or the backups.