Sportsbooks and Football Betting

For the uninitiated, finding the best online sportsbooks may seem daunting.

As avid sports fans and online gamblers (go, Barney Frank), we can tell you with in all seriousness, it doesn’t have to be that way, since we’re here to the rescue. Just visit the online sportsbooks that we feature on this page, and you can rest assured that you’ve already reached the best that this industry has to offer. We’ve already done the research – which included hours and hours of play (what a drag) – for you.

Check our faves below, all of which offer up a myriad of betting options for football, all other major and minor sports, current events, entertainment, and more.


In a world of online sportsbooks, BetUS has the distinction of having a youthful, energetic feel and vibe. Not only do BetUS punters have some of the better betting options available out there, BetUS adds a bunch of value-added extras, such as BetUS Radio, a gaggle of BetUS Girls, and freebies such as the BetUS Girls swimsuit calendar and DVD.


Bodog is clearly passionate about sports – especially football – as evident by their sports-heavy site, which offers up football-specific promotions. At Bodog, bettors will find some of the most comprehensive sports-related information, and their customer service is second to none.

SPORTSBOOK.COM is one of the most established online sportsbook out there. Trust us, they know their stuff, and at their site, you’ll find tons of betting options – more than most -, tremendous bonus and promotional offerings, and a quality customer service staff. You’ll also find many valuable extras here as well. For all of their professionalism, is never intimidating, always accessible. Both novices and pros will feel right at home at this quality online sportsbook.

Turn to our Miscellaneous Football Online Games page for more information about football-themed online slot machines and some suggestions of online casinos USA (casinos that accept US players).

Whenever, I spend time in the books it seems just like I have found my happy place. Imagine it, a place where your wife would dare not journey. A place where no day to day job stress exists. A place where they treat you like a king, why because to them you are one. It really is a joyous place filled with food, drink, friends and the drawing attraction sports. Some will not admit to loving it as much as I do but you can be sure that they do. You can tell because they keep coming back time after time to taste the thrill of victory ad the agony of defeat. It is just like an adult theme park built for people to spend their time enjoying their life, you know?

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