When we are talking about football, there is a lot to talk about. I enjoy football in so many forms. I used to play a bit of football when I was young. I never really made much out of it but I do wish that I had from time to time. Even without the experience of playing football for very long I grew to love it none the less. It has become a large part of my life through out the years. First, I am a huge 49ers fan. We are very loyal and don’t mind taking up for our team. So I have words for anyone who talks a little too much trash about them. I try to be patient because I know that everyone has a favorite.

Above and beyond that, I love to play football video games. I like the Madden series, as well as the NCAA football game. They are very realistic. They are amazing with the graphics, details and the accurate portrayal of the on field experience. I enjoy that they have a new game come out every year so they have to continue to innovate and come up with fresh ideas to make it better. This ensures that the company is putting forth effort in the field of putting out a good product. You don’t want it to get stale because it never changes year after year…

There are also many good alternative football games to these which I have given a try only to find that they are actually not nearly as fun, entertaining or innovative. In this selection I would include street style football and many online simulation style games. They are only trying to keep up with the fresh styling and gameplay available on the games I already mentioned… Why would I want to go through the time and effort to play an inferior game? It seems to me if I want to get as much from my gameplay as possible I will go straight to the top of the food chain, so to speak…

One game that I would not categorize with any of these other games other than to say that it is a football style game, is Blitz. I loved the original Blitz and I also enjoyed the follow up s well. It was a great game that was good for hour and hours of gameplay action. If you ever played it, you know what I am talking about. This game laid down the punishment! There were no fouls or interference calls. A player had to straight up lay down the law if they wanted to win. This game is so great I still throw it in to enjoy from time to time.

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