Addictive Football

Update — just wanted to let you all know that FIFA 11 is on track to be released somewhere between 28 September and 4 October 2010, depending on where you live and what system you use.

  • Xbox 360, PS3, Windows, PS2, PSP, Mobile: 28 September North America, 30 September Australia, 1 October Europe
  • Wii: 4 October North America and Europe, 6 October Online Blackjack

There’s a bunch of differences from FIFA 10, many of which address the online features and team/avatar customizations (still no online blackjack feature though ).

The features that I’m most looking forward to are the “Personality+” and “Pro Passing” features. The former is a big step toward realistic AI, modeled after the real player’s temperament (luckily managers and wives aren’t included!), and the latter promises to give you a lot more control over passing accuracy (at last) and more realistic physics (at last again).

You can also import custom music soundtracks, which is a great way to hear that wacky Focus song while you play. Or a chorus of vuvuzelas, if you like. To each his own…

No doubt, football – in all of its incarnations (which we’ll get to in a minute) – is highly addictive. Football aka Soccer is one sport that doesn’t pussy-foot its way around – it’s in your face, and sometimes brutal. Always fun and exciting.

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The simple truth of the matter is that when you want to get that fast paced, adrenalin pumping, good time feeling there is only one thing that can satisfy it. You and I both know this to be true.

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